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Are you flunking out of life?

Posted on April 10 2016


I like to do a nightly check in with myself. At the end of each day, I run through the events of the day and sit with the pivotal moments that occurred. I don’t do this in a judgmental way –although that approach took quite some time to master. The purpose of the exercise is to see where I could have been better at being me. Could I have been more present? Listened more? Been less angry? Was I too sensitive in certain scenarios or a little bit harsh in others? I play everything back, make a few mental notes and then I let them go. I remind myself that being conscious of the choices I made and continue to make is half the battle. There is always a chance to be better.

You don’t stop taking tests just because you’re out of school. Life education never stops no matter how many diplomas you complete and collect. In order to grow you and mature you, Life will always test you. You will be tested in every moment of every day. Every action is a test. Every reaction is a test. Some people repeat the same mistakes over and over again. They fail to recognize that they are basically repeating the same test over and over again as well.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

When we fail to recognize the patterns in our lives, we’ll find ourselves going around the same circle until we become conscious of the choices leading us around the roundabout. I once realized that I was attracting a certain kind of friends –the kind that bleeds your energy dry and then asks you to give more. It took me years to recognize this pattern. When I did however, I cleaned house. I made a lot of difficult decisions about my then circle of friends and re-defined what true friendship meant to me.

After all this happened, I thought I was done with that chapter but Life had to make sure that I intended to stand by my new promise. The next person that I became friends with was great at first and then the drama followed. How is it possible that I was still attracting the same kind of people with all of my antennas up and my eyes wide open? I knew it was a test and I was determined not to fail. The moment I recognized that this person mirrored my past, I excused myself from the situation. That test has never come up again.

Just like school, in life, if you don’t pay attention, you flunk. If you don’t study, you flunk. If you don’t show up, you flunk. If you find yourself stuck in a situation, look closely at what is happening around you and then look within. What are you supposed to be learning? The same goes for situations that keep repeating themselves. Your Groundhog Day won’t cease until you pass the test.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things…

There are so many who grow in age but not in wisdom. I blame this on a lack of awareness. Awareness allows you to stop feeling your way through the shadows and lights your path to change. We will never stop being tested. We are here to be the best versions of ourselves and we will be tested until we become that. Pay attention, reflect, be smarter, be stronger. There is always a chance to be better.  


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