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Black out // Making black anything but basic

Posted on January 09 2017

I remember going through a black and gray phase in college. Thankfully, that phase didn’t last very long. Discovering how well deep and dramatic colors worked with my skin tone was like a child discovering a rainbow for the first time. There were so many gorgeous hues to play with and I was continuously inspired to find new ways to mix and match. 

Every once in a while however, I have an all black moment. When this happens, I try to get creative. I’ll usually go with with an interesting shape to break things up or a fun texture to add some depth. I can never say no to a chic wrap skirt so the cut of this skirt was already a winner in my book. Keeping the skirt as the focal point of the entire look was important to me so pairing it with a classic turtleneck was the best way to go. 

The skirt is currently on sale at ZARA. Grab it here.


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