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Draped: The Art of the Statement Coat

Posted on January 12 2017

Whenever I’m in Paris, my favorite thing to do apart from taking long walks is people watching. There is a myth that all Parisians are chic but that’s like saying all Americans are fat. What I’ve discovered with each visit is that most stylish Parisians are stylish because they’ve mastered the art of understated chic. Don’t be fooled, they may look effortless but it takes a lot of effort to look that effortless. 

When it comes to dressing, one thing that I’ve observed and love about my chic French friends is that there’s usually a focus on one statement piece. It could be a bag, a coat, a scarf or a pair of boots. It’s not about stepping out in head to toe designer wear, there’s no clutter and the look never comes off as contrived. 

In honor of that school of thought, I’d like to focus on investing in a statement coat for the winter. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who looks put together and a structured statement coat goes a long way in that department. The stand out statement coat is elegant, streamlined and tailored to perfection. It is a wardrobe staple and most importantly, it is that piece that keeps heads turning long after its wearer has left the room.


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