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Endless - An Autumn Story

Posted on November 19 2017

I’ve always been wary of the in between seasons. It requires you to stand still, to pay attention, to allow. It’s a lot more about watching than doing. What I realize year after year however, is the beauty that lies in the perspective of the watcher. So now, as the seasons change, I look forward to the moments in between.

Autumn is one of those moments for me. Every year, I write a love story about this short, fleeting and transitional moment. I fall in love over and over again with the slow ways in which the leaves change, the slight chill in the air, the first time I pull my sweater close. So much happens in these beautifully quiet moments within a moment –even the scent in the air undergoes a change. All of it musters something in me that I try to describe each time I experience it. It is at once bewitching, profound, romantic and humbling. It is a reminder that life happens –without us doing anything, without our dreams, aspirations, worries and actions; life is happening and it is a privilege to have a front-row seat.



Dress: “Micaela” – MISA Los Angeles
Shoes: “Christeriva” Ribbon Sandals – Christian Louboutin  
Song: Alabama (Frank Ocean)


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