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Finding the perfect motorcycle jacket is tricky but when you do,...

Posted on February 10 2015

Finding the perfect motorcycle jacket is tricky but when you do, it’s all you’ll want to wear.

The story: this gorgeous gray motorcycle jacket was all over the Banana Republic Fall campaigns and the moment I saw it, I knew it would be my go-to jacket for fall and winter. With the mild weather in LA, it was important for this piece to be light and versatile.

I needed something that I could layer easily or drape over my shoulder as a statement piece. The tricky part was finding the right size. The small was great but the arms were a little roomy. I tried the extra small which was perfect but left very little room for chunky sweaters or knits. I ended up with the small. What I do is bunch up the sleeves to create a more fitted look.

I can’t emphasize enough that it’s all about fit when it comes to jackets like this. Too small and you look like a trapped robot; too big and it looks like a hand me down gone wrong. That being said, what really elevated this jacket was the gold details. The details make it incredibly easy to dress up or down.

Whenever I buy a jacket, I try not to think of the “trend factor”. It always comes down to fit, cut and color. Most importantly, I ask myself if I’ll still think the piece is stylish a decade from that moment. For this look, the answer is yes.


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