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It Is Possible Because It Seems Impossible

Posted on January 21 2018

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of “destiny vs. free will”. Is this all set or do we have a say? What if we mess things up? Can we even mess things up? I don’t think any of us have the perfect answer for this and perhaps it’s because there is no perfect answer here and now. Perhaps destiny and free will work hand in hand to paint a glorious picture of the possibilities and capabilities of the human spirit. Perhaps it’s not about one or the other but more about what the picture represents to us and for us –purpose.

I recently started binge-watching The Crown on Netflix. As I watched the first episode which focuses on Princess Elizabeth and her wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip Mountbatten, I thought about another girl. A mixed race girl, a divorcée and a child of divorce herself, an American born in California but based in Toronto, an actress whose past credits include being a suitcase girl on Deal or No Deal. This girl would one day very soon walk onto the steps of Windsor Castle, with the entire world watching and become an integral part of the British monarchy.

                                                   Free Will…?

Ms. Meghan Markle is of course more than just a Prince’s fiancée. She’s a Northwestern University graduate who pursued her dream and no matter how people categorize her career status, did something that most dreamers don’t get a chance to do in Hollywood –she became a working actress. In addition to a 7-year stint on the USA show Suits, she worked as an advocate for women and children, traveling to Rwanda for a clean water campaign and partnering with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. She also launched a lifestyle website called The Tig and became editor-in-chief.

As someone who has dreams of her own, I can imagine that in spite of the achievements listed above, Ms. Markle probably wanted more. She comes across as a driven young woman and I’m sure that even as she reported to the set of Suits every season, she was still working towards that break-through and that big break. I can imagine that even with her lifestyle website, she might have felt lost in a sea of bloggers and influencers as she tried to create something to make herself stand out. I can guarantee that she would never have dreamed that the platform she desired would show up in the form that it did nor the scale that it has. Well, that’s the funny thing about destiny…


Before Ms. Markle was King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne to marry the twice-divorced American socialite, Wallis Simpson, thereby thrusting his brother, King George VI into the role. With King George’s early death, Queen Elizabeth II took the throne at the tender age of 25, leading the way for her son, Prince Charles to someday take the throne. Part of his preparation for that role included marrying Princess Diana and producing heirs, Prince William and Prince Harry. Which brings me back to Ms. Markle. She is more than a marriage and a spouse but right now, that marriage has lunged and launched her into a space that nothing else –not acting or designing or blogging could. Everything about where she ended up based on where she was coming from, had impossible written all over it; yet her name will be written in the history books.

Ms. Markle tried to be an influencer amongst a sea of influencers –now the world watches her every move. Every product used, every piece of clothing worn is now followed, searched for and copied. I’m sure her greatest desire at some point was for her acting career to create a prominent place for her in the world. She now has that prominent place and will have a chance to do more than just posing on the red carpet and answering questions about whom she’s wearing. The world is now her stage and I can guarantee that her original dream is not even close to matching her current reality.

I’ve been told that there can only be hope where there’s life but I say that there can only be life where there’s hope. Even if we don’t want to admit it, even in the midst of our greatest challenges, we stand because there’s a flicker of hope that exists in the midst of the darkness. We all have dreams, desires, and aspirations floating around in our psyche. A lot of times, they seem impossible but it is because of that impossibility that I know that they are possible. As long as there’s hope, against all odds and because of the odds, with a little grace, the impossible suddenly becomes possible.


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