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Just Say No

Posted on August 17 2015


Much has been said about the power of the word “no” yet most of us still find ourselves unable to utter this word with the same ease that we possess when we say “yes” to something or someone. We say “yes” to so many things we wish we didn’t. We overextend ourselves; make promises we can’t keep; value other people’s opinions over our own. By saying “yes” to all these things, we miss the fact that we’re actually saying “no” to the one thing that really matters – ourselves.

The word itself is not hard to say yet it creates an inner battle and turmoil within most of us. To speak it aloud leaves us with an overwhelming feeling of guilt. We feel that by saying “no”, we’re letting people down. We’d rather say “yes” and be unhappy than risk someone looking at us with disappointment and judgment.

We can talk about the many reasons why we are the way we are OR we can be better. It’s time to gain a little self-respect and in the words of one of my favorite authors, James Altucher, choose ourselves. That means saying “no” to crappy friends, nosy people, rude co-workers, unfulfilling relationships, mediocre company, mindless conversations.

You actually don’t need to explain your reason behind saying “no”. This is your life. The choices that come up in your journey are yours to make. You owe no one an explanation of the path you choose to take. Be kind, be thoughtful, be charitable but please remember that charity begins at home and home begins with you.


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