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Knowing who you are

Posted on June 03 2011

I sat down earlier this week to compose an email to a potential client. As I constructed my email, I looked it over frequently and inserted buzz words that I thought would catch the client’s eye. Several emotions ran through me, from how amazing it would be to hear back from her to the fear that she wouldn’t respond at all. All of a sudden, something else crossed my mind – Nothing can add or take away from who I already am. When you know who you really are, nothing and no one has the power to validate you. No amount of success or “failures” as you consider them in this journey can make or break you. A common belief is that a bigger home or extra money in your pocket will make you happier but many truly successful people will tell you this isn’t the case at all. If you wake up tomorrow with your wish of a billion dollars, you would still be limiting yourself…you’ve basically put a cap on who you are and what you’re capable of. What you are is limitless and infinite, who you are is unquantifiable – this is how you were made. As you take different steps each day, at work or at home, tap into the source of who you really are. Don’t be tied to the outcome of your actions. Live, instead in the moment and enjoy your journey. Don’t just take action, take inspired action and relish it. Know that there’s a divine architect – basically an extension of you, who is in control of your destiny. Know that your steps are being ordered. As long as you’re in alignment with that creative source, know that you can never go wrong, in fact, it is impossible for you to take a wrong step or path. Most importantly, know that “nothing can add or take away from who you really are – this journey is simply for your enjoyment.


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