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Let go and let the Universe work for you

Posted on December 08 2014

There are laws all around us. From the law of gravity to traffic laws, they range from awe-inspiring to completely mundane. Either way, these laws exist for a reason. We may not agree with them or even understand them but they do exist and are in place for us. In last week’s Monday Dose of Inspiration, I spoke about having blind faith in the process of this amazing life that we’ve chosen. I discussed the need to stop worrying about how things will work and instead, understanding that it is not your job to figure out “how”. This week, I’d like to delve deeper into what it means to go with the flow of life and the art of allowing the Universe and all of it’s laws to work on your behalf.

You don’t have to consciously tell yourself to breathe. Your body knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Your body also has laws that govern its function but you don’t often wonder about those laws. You don’t think about the exact amount of oxygen that is needed to fill your lungs in order to keep you alive nor do you wonder if you have the right amount of blood pumping every second through your veins. When you wake up in the morning, you expect to open your eyes and see; you assume that your legs will carry you from the bedroom to the bathroom without a second thought. You feel and move with ease without considering the possibility that your body won’t do what it’s supposed to.

So let me ask you this…why can’t you assume and accept that your life will also do the same? Is it so difficult to believe that good things can happen for you or that this world actually has amazing things in store for your life? Is it impossible to trust that you were not put on this earth to be jerked around or to to be given big dreams, only to have them taken away? 

It is my belief that if you respect the law, the law will respect you; that if you invest in the Universe that it will invest in you. I stand firm on the fact that if you ask, and if it is in alignment with your destiny, you will receive. I trust that whatever you seek with a pure heart, you will find in abundance. Lastly, I know that in spite of your past or even current circumstances, if you have the courage to knock, the door will be opened to you. These are laws that have existed before me and before time. They are laws that have worked for millions and continue to work for those who believe. The key word here of course is “believe” and frankly, I don’t think you have anything to lose.


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