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Monday dose of inspiration: Wait your turn

Posted on October 20 2014

I’ve always thought that if we have a sense of humor then God must have a sense of humor as well. I’ve also always thought that God can speak to us anywhere, through anyone and even through the most mundane scenarios.

The other night I was out celebrating my sister’s visit to Los Angeles. We sat down at a restaurant and decided to order appetizers. I ordered some delicious french fries and a few minutes later, my sister asked for the same thing with an extra order of sesame flavored wings (I know you’re getting hungry but stay with me here…there’s a point to all of this). As I waited for my food, my sister’s order was delivered to her. I watched as she bit into every mouth watering chicken wing and savored each crunchy fry. 5 minutes passed and no meal for me. 10 minutes later, I grabbed a random waitress and asked her where my fries were.

She apologized and said she’d check in with the kitchen to see what was taking so long. The funny thing is that 5 orders of hot fries probably walked past me to other tables while I was waiting. Each time another order passed me, my neck elongated and my mouth watered in anticipation that it would finally be my turn. 20 minutes of what seemed like forever later, a waiter finally made his way to my table and delievered my appretizer. I was so overjoyed that I didn’t realize that the waitress that I initially asked to check on my food was right behind with an order of wings that cost twice as much as my fries. She placed the dish on my table and with a mouthful of fries, I explained to her that I didn’t order any wings. She winked, apologized again and said it was on the house. Apparently she had caught me staring at my sister’s wings and decided I should have a plate of my own.

I started laughing and whispered to my sister that I thought God was speaking to me. “If God is speaking to you through wings, then your blood sugar must be really low” she sarcastically responded. Whether or not my sister agreed, I felt that there was a very important life lesson to be learned in that silly moment. Whenever we ask for something from God or the Universe there’s usually a period of waiting and antipating that follows. We wonder when our miracles will arrive. We wait patiently then impatiently. Our necks stretch out whenever we sense it might be coming. After a while, we think maybe we’ve been forgotten so we ask again. We have no clue whether chef is just putting the finishing touches on our meal or is actually getting ready to send it out. All we care about is that what we asked for hasn’t arrived yet.

When I ordered my meal, I had no idea that it would take as long as it took. While I was waiting for my food, I had no idea why it was taking as long as it did. One more thing that I didn’t anticipate was that when my meal finally arrived, I would receive exceedingly and abundantly above what I desired and asked for. So the next time you find yourself waiting for a miracle, smile and know that something great is cooking and being readied for you. Trust that the Universe knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Most importantly, believe that when you receive what you’ve been so anxiously waiting for, it will be far more amazing than what you expected.


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