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Party mode - 3 simple tips for creating a stand out holiday style

Posted on December 19 2016


We are knee deep in the most wonderful time of the year and if you’re anything like me, that time also includes tons of holiday mingling. From brunches to full on night time parties, the soirees never seem to end – which means the outfits need to keep rolling in as well.

My guide to not breaking the bank while remaining stylish during the festive season is to invest in pieces that I can recycle easily and mix and match. I also go for pieces that I won’t get sick of seeing and wearing often, things that are easy to layer and colors that I can play around with. 


With the embroidered blouse, metallic skirt and ribbon heels above for example…

I could pair the blouse with black skinny ankle dress pants or even jeans. I’d accessorize with the ribbon heels as they’re dressy enough and won’t take away from the look. I’d also drape a tuxedo jacket over my shoulder depending on the event.

With the metallic skirt, I could easily add a ribbed black turtleneck to tone the look down while still keeping its overall elegance. The texture of the turtleneck would also compliment the texture and color of the skirt. I’d stay put with my ribbon heels here as well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If I was going to a daytime party, I wouldn’t mind adding a little sparkle and shine to my afternoon. The skirt would be my focal point and I’d switch out my turtleneck for a lace camisole and a slightly distressed black leather jacket.


All the pieces look gorgeous paired together but would shine individually as focal points of other looks.

Below are three tips that will help you create a stand out style this holiday and party season.

Go metallic! 

Metallic and sparkling pieces don’t have to turn you into a disco ball. There are tons of ways to shine in a metallic piece while remaining elegant and chic. The metallic skirt above has been a saving grace for me this season. It transitions beautifully from daytime to nighttime and the pleats add the right amount of texture and volume. When it comes to accessorizing, don’t be afraid to mix metals. I actually love seeing gold against silver and vice versa.

Highlight the pretty!

Lace, bows, ribbons…the holiday season is the perfect time to bring out all the pretty things. Gorgeous lace blouses are the epitome of feminine style while statement ribbon heels are a delicate surprise. Go ahead and be as girly as you want. 

Color! Color! Color!

We tend to go darker in the winter and most people end up falling into a black rut. How about this, the next time you reach for that black look out of habit, go for merlot instead (the color not the wine –well you could do both if its that kind of day…) or a gorgeous forest green. Burnt orange, mint green, marigold, periwinkle, cobalt blue…the world is your colorful oyster. 


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