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Slow Down. You're Missing Everything.

Posted on July 06 2015


I take the same route to work everyday. Everyday, I find myself lagging behind some slowpoke who decides that they have no where important to be so they’re going to take their sweet time driving in front of me. I let myself become agitated. I strategize on how to pass this person, look for an opening to my left, wiggle my way through and finally get in front. I am now winning. Of course, as soon as I do this, I run into a red light and the person I left behind ends up right beside me. You see, life not only has a sense of humor but no matter how fast you run, it always has a way of catching up to you.

We’re creatures of habit. We know we’re creatures of habit and yet it usually takes some drastic event to bring our bad habits to light. The key word here is usually. Once in a while, we have a moment of clarity–a bright light breaks through the fog in our minds and a lesson so simple slides into our realm of understanding courtesy of the most mundane life activity. We become present, we get it.

When I drive by an accident, I think of the thoughts running through the victims’ minds. Neither the past nor future matter at that point. Each individual is being forced to face the present moment –to be in that moment.

I think about how much I miss daily on my way to work; all the moments I’ve surrendered to being anxious about getting somewhere on time. I also think about the millions of activities that I rush through –all to get to a place other than the present moment. We’re all guilty of this. In the mornings, we rush through breakfast and traffic to get to work. Then, we rush through lunch to get back to work. After that, we rush home from work, quickly get through dinner only to repeat the entire pattern again the next day.

Our rush through life not only applies to the work week. We rush into relationships because we’re afraid of being alone (what Life sees is that we’re refusing the pleasure of our own company); we rush towards unfulfilling jobs because we have to pay the bills (what Life sees is that we’re afraid of risk). The list goes on…

I believe that we have multiple purposes in life. The big Purpose however is very simple. We are here to enjoy every single minute of this journey. That is all. It’s sounds cliche when someone tells us that it’s about the journey, not the destination but we only feel that way because we know that there’s truth in those words.

These days, you’ll find me singing at the top of my lungs in my car on my way to work or to visit friends and family. I admire the beautiful architecture in my neighborhood as I drive by. Now that I’m aware, I wouldn’t dare miss out on the beauty of the sunset before me or the magnificence of the full moon above me. I’ll get where I’m going when I get there.


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