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Something about color...

Posted on May 01 2017

Asos White Dress Zara Pink Handbag

There's something about color... Lush greens, light and hot pinks, cobalt and navy blues... I can't explain it but my senses light up at first contact with a beautiful color. I immediately want to know all about it --to feel it at its depth. 

Asos White Dress Zara Pink Bag Loefler Randall Shoes

I went through a black and gray phase in college but something happened as I embraced change and adulthood. There was not only an awakening of the self but a sudden awareness of the beauty all around. Growing, meant discovering new things and my style was a huge part of my growth. The interesting thing was that as my style changed, so did my choice of colors. I wanted to embrace the bold, the unusual and the exceptional. Having shied away for so long from anything that would highlight my skin tone, I began to embrace the beautiful colors that showcased how unique that tone actually was.
As the season changes again and the flowers bloom, as magnificent colors shake up our senses, I'm inspired to be bold. Not only in style but in life. I'm inspired to create and to be aware of the masterpiece that is this world. Most importantly, I'm inspired to be present --after all, there's nothing more beautiful than what's right in front of you.

Asos White Dress Zara Pink Bag Loefler Randall Shoes
Asos White Dress Zara Pink Bag Loefler Randall Shoes


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