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Spring Story // The Power of Print

Posted on April 24 2016

There’s always something beautiful about a bold choice – both in life and in style. The ability to choose is actually one of the things I love most about fashion. You decide how you want to be perceived, you decide how you want the world to see you, you decide what kind of story you want to tell. With a choice of red, you instantly channel the passion within; you could pick a structured dress to show you mean business or float in pastels to allow the lightness in you to take reign. It’s all about the story you want to tell.

I came across the gorgeous abstract print dress above at H&M and I knew no matter where I took it,  it would always make a statement. There’s a subtle simplicity about it, yet it doesn’t cower when it comes to its fantastic detail. Its muted colors play around its structured shape while its underlying texture tells tales of its many layers of beauty. Like I said, I knew it would always make a statement no matter where I took it.


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