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What Do You Think You’re Worth?

Posted on September 14 2015


Years ago, a Headhunter reached out to me about a potential job opportunity. I wasn’t actively looking but she felt the job would be the perfect next step in my career. We talked about the salary range for the role and then she asked me what I was looking for – a very common question. I went on a rant about where I was and where I thought I should / could be. I was basically trying to justify my value to her. She listened intently and then she said nothing. A moment later, she asked “Wemi, what do you think you’re worth?”

I was stunned. It wasn’t the most mind blowing question I’d ever been asked but it blew my mind in that moment. I’d given thought to what the market thought I was worth, what my boss thought I was worth and what this company would think I was worth but I hadn’t stopped to think about what I felt I was worth. As human beings, we spend so much time justifying our quirks, wants, needs (basically our entire existence) to the world that it never occurs to us to have a conversation with ourselves about our own value.


Recognizing one’s worth is not just tied to money. When it comes to your time or even relationships, what do you think you’re worth? Is it a friend who only remembers you exist when they need something? Or perhaps it’s a job that takes up so much of your time that it has drained you of the ability to have outside interests, friends or hobbies. What do you think you’re worth?

Look around and take stock. The things that exist in your life are things you’ve said “yes” to, be it consciously or unconsciously. You are not a victim of circumstance. The fact is, most of us don’t spend enough time really getting to know who we are. We forget that when you truly know yourself, you understand your value as well. When you know your value, not only will you be able to stand strong in what you have to offer as a human being, you’ll feel confident walking away if other people don’t share in that vision.

Dare to ask for more. Hold out for a meaningful relationship instead of a space filler. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable but add to your growth and self-worth. Don’t be afraid to have tough conversations –especially with yourself. If you don’t make a decision on what you’re worth, the world will decide for you.


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