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Why Trusting Your Internal GPS is the Key to Your Success in 2016

Posted on January 04 2016

I used to hate being lost. The anxiety and uncertainty of not knowing where I was positioned was something that made me very uneasy. When I went somewhere for the first time, I’d research the entire neighborhood. I needed to know if my final destination was to my left or right. Was there parking? Was it on a hill? What were the alternate routes available?

Years ago, when I first started driving in Los Angeles, I purchased a navigation system to help me get around. For some weird reason however, I would find myself getting paranoid and printing directions before leaving the house to ensure that I was covered in case my GPS went haywire. It was an interesting habit because my experience with the system was that if I took a wrong turn, it would recalculate my route. I always knew when to turn right or left or make a u-turn. Even if it took it took me the long way home, I still ended up at home. The booming voice from my speakers had never led me astray.

A few days ago, I was on my way back from a glorious adventure at Disneyland. I got off one freeway and hopped on another. It was a route that I was not familiar with so I was relying heavily on my GPS. I heard the direction to stay left, so I stayed left. Thirty seconds later, I looked up and saw a sign for the 101 freeway all the way to the right. I freaked out. Shouldn’t I be on that side? Why is the GPS silent? Am I lost? I hate being lost.

I looked to my right as my sister stared at me quizzically. “Did the GPS say anything about taking the 101?” she asked. “No” I responded. “So why are you freaking out?” she said. Thirty seconds later,  the voice from my GPS came back on and I was guided to the next exit. In one minute, I had been schooled in the power of faith, trust, silence and patience –all with the help of one mundane freeway experience.

The voice within; it’s there with us every moment of everyday. Sometimes it booms and reverberates through our bodies, other times, it’s a bit more quiet –almost like a whisper. Don’t go out tonight, take the job, ask for a raise, do it now, wait a little, seize that opportunity, say no…the urgings and guidance go on. Our internal GPS is always there guiding us through the smallest and biggest moments of our lives. You hear the voice when you need it, when it counts. If it’s silent, stay the course. Don’t go freaking out and jumping on roads you have no business being on.

In this journey called life, I believe we have tunnel vision. We can see some of what is in front of us but not all. Our internal GPS on the other hand has aerial vision. It’s why it’s able to calculate the best route for our journeys. I still dislike feeling lost but I’ve learned to trust that I’ll always find my way home. My internal GPS has never led me astray.  


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