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Your life, your journey. Don’t play the comparison game

Posted on May 25 2015


Nothing good has ever and will ever come out of comparing your life to someone else’s. This is a fact. It is completely pointless living your life according to someone else’s timetable. This is also a fact. So why do we insist on making ourselves miserable by playing the comparison game?

From Facebook to Instagram, perfect moments of other people’s lives flood our psyche every few seconds. We are constantly reminded that someone else is living life better than we are, richer than we are and with more passion than we are. It doesn’t occur to us that the photos that are currently haunting us have been carefully edited and curated. Out of a hundred photos, one image with the perfect smile, hair, lighting and angle makes it through. Then comes the editing and eventually, a filter is slapped on to give it even more gloss.  

There is nothing wrong with sharing parts of your life or your passions with people. As a fashion blogger, I indulge in capturing a variety of beautiful moments that I in turn share with my readers through several outlets. Unfortunately, things start to go south when we forget that these are just moments or when we start fearing that we’re missing out on some grand “life party” and then embark on a journey to prove that we deserve an invitation to that party.

I once read a quote that said “I hope your life is one day as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook”. No one ever tells the full story –on social media or even in person. What you may not see is that behind the flawless picture of that woman who seems to balance her work and home life so perfectly, is a family in shambles. Her husband doesn’t even sleep in the same room. That childhood friend who just bought a new house, is waking up with night sweats thinking about how he’s going to afford his mortgage if he ever loses his volatile job. There is no amount of money or fame that could tempt me to walk a lifetime in someone else’s shoes. Why would I want something that was never meant for me to begin with?

No one’s life is perfect so there really isn’t any need to compete with someone else’s imperfect life. Be content with where you are because you are there for a reason and stop living your life based on other people’s expectations or timetables. Take inspired action everyday and create your own definition of success. Be hopeful and thankful. Be happy for others when something good comes into their lives and never, ever, covet another person’s life situation because only they know the real story and trust me, it’s hardly ever as glamorous as you imagine.


Nothing and no one can make make you feel less than you are unless you allow them.


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