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Ever wondered what your guy really thinks of your fashion choices?

Posted on January 21 2011

Rihanna in a boyfriend shirt, ballerina skirt and pearls

Ever wondered what your guy really thinks of your skinny jeans? What about the trend du jour – over the knee boots? or even your  must-have manicure? Wonder no more…

InStyle Magazine and Sports Illustrated recently teamed up for the ultimate He Said/She Said. The sibling titles polled 20,000 guys about women, and naturally the ladies weighed in too.

Here’s what 20,000 guys had to say:

What do you think of skinny jeans?

He says: they don’t do it for me (45%)

She says: they’re hot! (47%)

What about over-the-knee boots?

He says: sexiest trend right now (67%)

She says: Agreed! (58%)

What will you buy your wife/girlfriend for V-Day?

64% say flowers

19% forget to buy anything

17% say jewelry

Shopping with your girl?

53% say it’s mind-numbingly boring

BUT nearly half say it may be dull but I don’t mind (43%)

Hair extensions?

The sexes agree again – an overwhelming majority (84%) say NOT hot.

Hottest hairstyle?

The sexes agree — long waves rock!

JENNIFER Aniston, Love Hewitt, Garner and Lopez?

Aniston is the ultimate dream date (41%), followed by Love Hewitt (33%).

Do you care if a woman has a manicure?

75% of males say no!

Poll results are featured in InStyle’s February issue, on sale now.

So what do you think…surprised or not?


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