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Headed to the beach? Forget the fear of sharks, study finds women are more afraid of each other

Posted on June 14 2011

60% of women admitted feeling less in shape compared to other women on the beach.

A new survey from FITNESS magazine reveals that women are bringing body issues with them to the beach. 80% of women polled for the magazine’s swimsuit survey say they feel other women are judging them when they wear a bathing suit and 48% say they’d only feel confident flaunting a bikini after losing more than 20 pounds.

FITNESS magazine polled more than 1,000 women ages 18 and over- to get the scoop on how they really feel about swimsuit season, what celeb body they are dying to have and  what they would give up to have a swimsuit model’s body.  The results appear in the June 2011 issue on stands now.

89% of women rated other women as the toughest swimsuit critics on the beach.


“The survey results shed light on the complicated relationship women have with their bodies and how much time is spent worrying about what other women think,” says Betty Wong, Editor-in-Chief of FITNESS. “It is so important to make sure women are empowered to embrace their imperfections and celebrate their bodies-no matter what shape or size.”

So who has the ideal beach body? Jennifer Aniston ruled the beach with 37% of the vote, while Gwyneth’s thin frame was the least wanted bod at only 6%.

Other celebs whose beach bodies women love?

  • Jennifer Lopez—27%
  • Beyonce—20%
  • Cameron Diaz—11%

Other Women, The #1 Beach Nightmare

  • 89% of women rated other women as the toughest swimsuit critics on the beach
  • 60% of women admitted feeling less in shape compared to other women on the beach
  • 53% of women say seeing a woman with a perfect body on the beach raises negative feelings of envy and insecurity
  • 32% of women surveyed named their boyfriend/husband as the person they trust most to give an honest opinion on how they look in their swimsuit.

Body Language

  • 65% of women say finding the perfect swimsuit is harder than finding the perfect jeans
  • 86% of women feel sexier wearing lingerie than a bikini
  • 40% of women say their favorite body part to flaunt at the beach is their cleavage
  • 48% say they’d need to lose 20 or more pounds before they’d feel confident in a bikini
  • Only one-in-ten women (11%) feel “bikini-confident as is”
  • 43% say they’d give up Facebook forever if it meant they could have a swimsuit model’s bod
  • 61% of women say it would take $100,000 for them to appear on TV or in a magazine in their swimsuit
  • 36% would turn down a beach party invitation from Justin Timberlake if it meant wearing a swimsuit in public

Are you shocked by these poll results? Are we really each other’s worst enemies? How do you feel about showing off your bikini body? Share your thoughts below.



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