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Paco Rabanne launches an undeniable seductress – The “Lady Million” Fragrance

Posted on October 23 2010

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

The moment you lay eyes on Paco Rabanne’s “Lady Million”, you’re immediately intrigued. They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, Paco Rabanne understands this. He knows women, intimately but most importantly, he understands the modern woman. Rabanne, a Franco-Spanish designer has had a lot of time to perfect the art of discovering what makes the modern woman. His designs launched in 1966 and he soon after released his first fragrance for women in 1969. His fragrances have always been forward and innovative and the same can be said of Lady Million.

The inspiration for Lady Million’s flawless, perfectly cut and sensual exterior currently lies in the Louvre – the Régent diamond. Simple, clear and clean, the Lady Million bottle was designed by renowned artist Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance and exudes all of the delicateness of a multi-faceted cut. Once again Rabanne’s architectural influence is evident in the design.

As irresistible as the exterior is, what the jewel holds on the inside is even more exciting. The House of Rabanne tapped the talents of Anne Flipo, Béatrice Piquet and Dominique Ropion who have all created scents for some of the biggest names in perfumery. The team noted, It was clear that this perfume had to be as charismatic as 1 Million, with as strong a signature, yet without a direct olfactory link. The Lady Million woman is dazzling, always seductive. This ‘playful’ aspect inspired us immensely. Lady Million is fresh, floral and woody, like a nectar of voluptuous flowers, trailing delicately but still very present. Powerfully seductive, the sparkle of bitter orange with a touch of raspberry reveals the first breath. A burst of neroli follows, smooth and bright. But then the lethal weapon of heady orange blossom slips out of its sheath. Its narcotic sweetness bewitches and grabs all attention. Then, joining with Arabian jasmine underlined by gardenia, the blend soars into something more carnal, yet ever subtle. Now the obsessive pulsing of patchouli enters the fray, pacifying the honey with an addictive and terribly tempting sweetness. Amber spreads to become all enveloping, floating around the beauty, following each movement and offering its most beautiful facets”.


The Lady Million Bath Line

Rabanne has clearly created the perfect fall fragrance for the confident, sensual and feminine woman. It’s also the perfect answer to his previously released “1Million” for men. Both fragrances match each other in sophistication and charm; they are ideal partners in crime, the Bonnie and Clyde of the perfume world.

“Lady Million” is now exclusively available at Sephora. Click here to purchase.

Paco Rabanne Million 30 Second Spot from paco rabanne on Vimeo.


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