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Photography meets fashion: The Sartorialist (A look at the man behind the lens)

Posted on August 22 2011

Scott Schuman - The Sartorialist

It’s 2:30am and after spending the past few hours editing 3 articles back to back, exhaustion seeps in. In spite of the fatigue, I have one more thing to do that I’m positive will bring me some much needed late night / early morning rejuvenation – I have a date with The Sartorialist.  If this title doesn’t ring a bell or has very little meaning to you, then you haven’t experienced the power of the lens through the exquisite eye of Scott Schuman. A self-taught photographer and fashion blogger, Schuman has the uncanny talent to take you and engage you in the world of the stylish, elegant and chic. Sitting at your computer and sifting through his gallery of beautiful and fashionable shots, you realize that like Alice in wonderland, you’re not only fascinated by this marvelous world, you’re also excited to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

It’s not an over the top assumption to state that we’re a bit of a voyeuristic society. One only has to look at the plethora of celebrity magazines, blogs and behind the scenes specials to back up this statement. Schuman’s photos, which have a certain simplicity and elegance to them, are in a class of their own. With willing subjects, he provides a glimpse into the way everyday individuals express themselves through fashion – without judgment.

As a loyal reader of Schuman’s blog – The Sartorialist, it’s only normal to expect that so many wonder about the man behind the lens. How does he make it look so easy? How is he able to seamlessly capture such simple, vivid and captivating images?

To answer these questions, as part of Intel’s “Visual Life” video series and 2nd generation core processor promotion, roles are flipped and the camera is on Schuman. Viewers get to experience a day behind the lens of the artist and it’s quite rewarding.

The documentary is a rare treat for fans of Schuman’s work and will no doubt make new followers of those not familiar with him. As the film comes to an end, one more thing stands out – as much as Schuman makes it all about his subjects, the truth is the photos are interesting because of him. He is very much a part of each photograph.

It’s 3:30am and I’ve visited Paris, Rome, New York and Stockholm, all in one sitting. Schuman has provided a window for people to connect and get away and sometimes, getting away means everything.


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