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Pick of the week – CJ Shopping Tours introduces you to Paris one store at a time

Posted on October 05 2013

Boutique Themed Shopping - CJ Shopping Tours

Boutique Themed Shopping – CJ Shopping Tours

Earlier in the year, I sat down with the fun and ambitious Chloé Johnston to discuss my favorite topic –Parisian style, fashion and shopping. Sitting at a table at Le Pain Quotidien on the Larchmont strip, we escaped the rare Los Angeles drizzle outside to discuss her passion project –CJ Shopping Tours. A full service shopping experience offering hand crafted shopping tours for visitors to Paris as well as access to Parisian fashion and accessories through an online shop and local trunk shows, CJ Shopping tours offers a true French experience in travel, beauty and fashion. 

To understand the art of Parisian chic, you have to understand the city itself and this girl definitely does. With a mom who is fluent in both French and local Parisian culture, Johnston’s love for all things French runs deep. Although born in Philadelphia,  she learned to appreciate Parisian culture, fashion and travel from her mom and through her yearly trips to Paris growing up. Her other skill of always being able to find a bargain is also Parisian inspired. 

CJ Shopping Tours aims to give you a one of a kind shopping experience in Paris

CJ Shopping Tours aims to give you a one of a kind shopping experience in Paris

Since launching CJ Shopping Tours in 2011, Johnston has created several tours to satisfy the inner fashionista in every girl. From vintage trips, to discovering boutiques and flea markets, Johnston has you covered. Looking for something more tailored to your style? You can also have a tour customized especially for you or a group of friends. They say summer is the perfect time to visit Paris but I say there’s nothing more beautiful than autumn in the city of lights, love and endless style. Having a guide to help you navigate this one of a kind city, now that’s priceless.

Find out more about Chloé Johnston and booking a memorable shopping tour of Paris here.


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