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Pick of the week – Q Card iPhone Wallet Case review

Posted on September 02 2013

The Q Card Case in green

The Q Card Case in green.

As fashion week rapidly approaches, I find myself streamlining everything from my daytime and nighttime looks to things I carry around in my purse. Running from one show to another means there’s no time for clutter or anything that could possibly weigh me down. That being said, the arrival of the Q Card iPhone Wallet Case for my review couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m very picky about my accessories, including accessories for my accessories. For my phone or iPad covers, it’s all about a balance of design and functionality. A simple, streamlined design always gets a thumbs up. If it’s able to provide more than one function, it gets a double thumbs up. So let’s get to what I like about the case.

The Q Card Case Comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc) plus cash

The Q Card Case comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc) plus cash.

Being able to fit 2-3 cards in the back is the best thing about it. I was able to fit 2 cards, a 20 dollar bill and a driver’s license (as you know, I like to go big or go home). Another plus is the array of colors you have to choose from. The case comes in white, pink, green and black. I’ve tried a variety of colors during my time as an iPhone user, so coming from a pink case, I opted for green this time around (a little homage to Pantone’s color pick of the year).  

By fusing a soft-touch rubber case with a premium fabric pocket, the Q card case is a great mix of design and functionality.

By fusing a soft-touch rubber case with a premium fabric pocket, the Q card case is a great mix of design and functionality.

According to the makers of the case, the Q Card Case is specifically designed with Natural Throw™ buttons that maintain an organic connection with your iPhone. When it comes to functionality, this is a huge plus. One is able to navigate as precisely and easily as without a case. The included scratch-resistant screen protector is also a great bonus.

Any cons? Although I try to stay away from any phone accessories made of rubber  as they usually stretch and aren’t always the most elegant in design, the soft-touch rubber with the premium fabric pocket swayed me on this. I guess what it comes down to is –when in doubt, always go simple. The Q Card Case is available online at CM4  and on


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