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Rue de Chic Trend Spotting – Why we're hooked on Bangles!

Posted on May 20 2010

If Accessories make the look then Bangles never fail to add a little “Sass” to your outfit. Bangles made a big come back with the “Bohemian Chic” movement and with so many fun ways to wear them, there’s no doubt that they’ll be around for quite some time. Thanks to Sex and the City 2 and the girls heading out to the deserts of Abu Dhabi, you can also expect an overflow of ethnic bangles that pay homage to the desert scenery and middle eastern culture and fashion. The beauty of bangles is that you can pair them with almost anything from long flowing maxi-dresses or tunics to ripped jeans and a tank top. You can wear a single chunky piece or stack them up your arm. Go with an animal print, different metallic shades or even chunky plastics. With bangles, you’re able to create this “Indie Chic” look that says you didn’t put much thought into it and you just happen to be incredibly fabulous. Check out the photos below for chic and affordable bangles from Rue de for $15 and under! Mix and match them, feel free to stack them, you’re guaranteed to look fantastic!

The Chunkies

The Stand Alones

Animal Print

Layers and Stacks


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