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The Essentials

Posted on January 31 2009

The "Miranda" Power Bag

The "Miranda" Power Bag

I’m a big believer in having a solid foundation in everything that you do. Whether it’s building a house, friendships/relationships, raising a child…without  a strong, solid foundation, things can come crumbling down. This very simple concept also applies to fashion. There are certain pieces, “Essentials” as I like to call them that every woman needs to have in her closet. I’m sure this isn’t the first time that you’ve heard this but I couldn’t start this blog without giving it a strong foundation of it’s own! I didn’t always follow the principle of the “essentials” myself.  I remember frowning at the price of certain items and thinking I could get 3 blouses for the price of that one bag. My mother would always say “It’s an investment…a piece like that never goes out of style.” She was right and most of my investments have lasted for over 5 years are still in top form. Clearly, each woman has an individual style, there are those that live and breathe fashion, the newest trends,  those that have the gift of putting together pieces that create an amazing outfit. There are also others who go to the store and say “I’ll take exactly what’s on the mannequin”. Lastly, there are women who just want something nice and simple and have no interest in shopping for hours. Every woman is different but I think these key pieces make up that solid foundation that we could all have in common. So let’s get to it….

  • The Pencil Skirt – The fit is key here. Avoid materials that are too tight or clingy. Invest in one with lining underneath.
  • The Trench Coat – Always gives you an extra boost of confidence. Pop your collar and add a little drama.
  • The Wide Belt – It never fails to give that dress a bit of “sass”. Try something different and use it over your Trench Coat. The cinched wait is to die for.
  • The Pumps – Every woman feels a bit sexier with a little height. Transition gracefully from work to heading out for drinks.
  • The Scarf – It comes in different shapes and sizes and always adds character to your outfit. Create a French knot or tie it on the handle or your Tote.
  • The Statement Bag – Every lady needs a power bag…enough said – Check out The “Miranda” Power Bag in the above photo at
  • The Leather Gloves – This item is absolutely underrated. It never fails to grant you a touch of elegance.


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